The Inspiration Challenge ~ Day 4

The Inspiration Challenge

You know those pictures of homes where all of the books are color coordinated, or all turned around so that mostly the white pages are showing? Well, I must admit that I've been tempted to do that; at least the color coordinating bit. Really though, it puts all of the books in a jumble! I couldn't put my Jules Verne collection next to the crochet pattern books, now could I?

Here's where an old idea comes in handy.


DIY Paperback Book Covers shows how simple, stylish, and coordinated you can make your books, without ruining them, or loss of true organization. As far as my project went, I'm pretty happy with the results, although I should have ironed the paper bags before I put them on looking like dirty clothes.

My cat enjoyed the project too. might have been the treats I left for her to find amidst the stack of books. Naw, Minnie's always been a book lover.



  1. Good idea! I have several books that just don't fit on my shelves full of vintage books. That might be a quick fix that would help them look better. :)

  2. This is a wonderful idea for books! I love how yours look, all lined up wearing the same clothes. Don't worry, non-ironed clothed are all the rage. It add a bit o' charm to the appeal of the books. I love them! Now, why didn't I know you were doing this challenge sooner?


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