Dream Day Wedding

Every girl has that beautiful dream of what they want their wedding to look like. Some want pink roses, some want carnations. Flowers are almost always included, no matter what they are. The dress is almost always white; long, full, and flowing, or sleek and elegant. There are bridesmaids to be thought of, decorations to plan and place, refreshments or a meal for the reception, a photographer  and so many other little details that one has to think of.

I have had my dreams, just like any other girl, although it's a good possibility that mine may change more often than others. I've wanted to wear a top hat, be married outdoors, have the groomsmen wear vintage vests and hats. I've wanted my dress to be long, and short by turns.

It had always been a plan of mine, to NOT have a tacky wedding. No matter what the budget (for I know there will be a budget!), I have always wanted it to be elegant and beautiful. Just as every girl does, I suppose!

Today, however, I had a wake-up call.

I was discussing weddings with my Mommy, which isn't an entirely unusual thing. Once again, I was desperately trying to get across my desire for a truly beautiful wedding. I didn't want to look back at pictures and see too many flaws in the surroundings.

It was then that Mommy said, "So, you're looking at the material things then, and not what a wedding is really all about."

A stinging feeling flooded my heart, and I looked down as I realized what she said was true. Am I really so incredibly materialistic?  Have I really forgotten what a wedding, is and should be?

A wedding and marriage is the symbol of the close relationship between Christ and His bride the Church.  Most Christians know that, or should.  But how often do even Christians forget that symbol in the hurry and flurry of getting ready for their big day? How often do girls forget it when they dream of the style of dress they want to wear? All too often.

I'm not saying that it's bad to plan a beautiful wedding, but let all of us young girls just remember one thing, and it is that if your wedding is laid upon a foundation of faith in the Lord, with both the bride and groom honoring HIM with the glory of the day, then it will certainly be a beautiful thing, no matter what the material things look like.

Pictures are courtesy of Public Domain Pictures and Karen's Whimsey.


  1. Love this post T!
    You are so right...so many of us just think about the what/how/ and wheres of th big day instead of focusing on Christ and the beauty of marrige itsefl...
    Keep writing!

  2. Indeed. I had the same exact wake-up call a few months ago... :) though I have thought more about what I do NOT want at mine than what I do! :D
    A friend of mine is planning her wedding at the moment, and she is quite preoccupied with all the plans, decisions and little details.
    Watching her has helped me decide that a big, fancy wedding is NOT what I want! If there is too much to be done...to the point where the couple is stressed out before they even begin their life together (not saying she is!) then what is the point? Yes, the event CAN be beautiful, but the purpose of a wedding is to show before God and man that this couple has chosen each other above all others, and they are asking everyone there to keep them accountable...not just to make a splash in the social calendar of the season!
    Of course, I am NOT saying that anyone who has a fancy wedding is in the wrong...far from it!!! But if the hurry-flurry planning and mayhem takes the focus off Christ and the soon-to-be union, then something needs to change.

  3. Good thoughts! Thanks for writing and sharing!

  4. Thank you for this dear and precious post! It is true..."A Christ-centered relationship is a relationship that lasts."

    God knows the desires of our hearts, and while it is fun for us girls to plan the pretty details of our weddings...let us remember to keep God first in our lives, the center of our relationship with our future spouse, and seek to honor our commitment to the Lord by our daily decisions.


    Emma Joy


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