Pinterest Challenge ~ Day 2

Pinterest Challenge

Day two for me dawned dark and rainy, but the show must still go on! Or something to that effect. Anyway, I was super excited today to do a project that I've been eyeing in my pinboards for quite a while now. These Hand-Embroidered Felt Bookmarks are a fabulous gift idea, even to give a couple to yourself! I decided to wing it, basing my design off of Wild Olive's "Endurance" design.



It was fun to stitch, absolutely darling when embracing a nice thick book, and each and every one will be unique. What's not to love? I only had red felt, unfortunately, but it was still a fun project.

So, what did you create on this fine day? A stuffed animal? A crocheted set of coasters? A decorated bottle? Link up and let us see!

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  1. Oooh! I love your embroidered bookmark. That is a lovely idea, and now I want one myself. I'm looking forward to your Pinterest challenge! I have a couple ideas in mind that I'd like to do and link up in your challenge. I'll be back!


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