Pinterest Challenge ~ Day 1

Pinterest Challenge

Today's the first day! This is really exciting, isn't it? I know that I'm eager to see what will be accomplished this week.  If you're new here and aren't sure what this is, please read Problems with Pintereset Part 2ish.

As for today, my contribution for the challenge is slightly different than what was probably expected. Thanks to Pinterest I discovered this workout plan and for the last twenty days I've been working hard in order to simply finish it. Well today was the last day.

All of those jumping jacks, crunches, and leg lifts have really motivated me to keep going! If you're at all interested in trying this workout for yourself, please check out the original site,

It's been great fun, and I'm looking forward to attempting the Level One Exercise Plan.

So tomorrow I will definitely post something a little more on the crafty side, but now it's time for me to see the wonderful things that you have made today! I'm looking forward to reading all of your posts about your Pinterest Challenge adventures. Make sure to link back to this post so that visitors can see what it's all about!

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