Black and White Sort of Day

A quiet day all to myself. A camera, a tripod, and a cute outfit. Perhaps the day was glowering from above, and the tiniest pieces of ash from a neighbor's fireplace came drifting down, imitating the subtle arrival of snow. As it was, the day was warm. Warmer than it has been in this generally warm winter.

Soft and warm chili cheese fries made a comfortable lunch, while I indulged my inner geek with a sci-fi TV show. 

Little things called out to me, leaping in delight when I bent over to take notice of their simple and often overlooked beauty. Perhaps this withered plant may have been a weed, but even weeds can be beautiful and unique.

A colored shirt, as pretty as it was, seemed out of place in a black and white sort of day. Some days are just like that. 

What I've been listening to:

A Little Fall of Rain ~ Les Miserables

What I've been reading:
Wives and Daughters ~ Elizabeth Gaskell
Ivanhoe ~ Sir Walter Scott


  1. If I ever could be in a production of Les Mis I would absolutely be Eponine! Her songs are so beautiful | And she gets to sing with Marius - His songs are also amazing!!! My favorite singer of Marius is Michael Ball - h has an amazing voice!

  2. Lovely photos, Miss Eyebright!


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