Pinterest Challenge ~ Day 5

Pinterest Challenge

I would say that today's project was less than 100% satisfactory. I made a sugar scrub, for use on body or face, following a Ginger Honey Sugar Scrub recipe.

After I got out of my shower I still felt just a little greasy, and that's not the way I really like to feel at that point. Now I have no idea what the long-term effects may be (this evening, tomorrow, with frequent use?), so I can't judge it based on that. My only experience so far has been this morning. It may just need a little tweaking to fit me better, or perhaps I'm just not a body scrub type of person! Having one unsatisfactory project out of five isn't too bad, really!

However, it was fun to make, and it would be a great gift for women who like that sort of thing. So, on this fine, last day of the Pinterest Challenge, what have you decided to whip up? Just participating today will get you two extra entries in the giveaway tomorrow!

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