Gummi Bears

I have to admit I love the fill in the blanks kind of posts, and so here's a simple one inspired by Abbey via Danielle.

{reading} Evidence Not Seen, A woman's miraculous faith in the jungles of World War II
{listening} The family getting ready for a great day!
{drinking} Just water.
{eating} French toast, but no gummi bears, because we ate them all two days ago.
{anticipating} Spending the day with my Daddy!
{loving} Watching black & white movies with Georgie.
{looking} Not too far ahead, and enjoying the days that flying by right now.
{inspired by} The book I have been reading that I mentioned above. The story of Darlene Diebler Rose is inspiring in so many ways. The courage and faith that she and her friends had, and of course the many, MANY miracles that the Lord blessed them with. Truly incredible.

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  1. I love that gummi bear photo! <3 Fun post! :o)

    P.S. (Looove the new look!! Awesome and cute!)


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