How I Created My First Mixed Media Image

There's always a bright side

I've always kind of enjoyed painting, although I've never had a speck of talent at it. I saw a picture on Tumblr however, that inspired me to pick it up again after a really long time of having not done it. It appeared to me that in the original there were two separate pieces, that were then photographed. At least that was how it appeared when I first saw it. Now that I look at it I realize that it might not be so, but I was still inspired. Also I realize that the original is not a mixed media, but I kind of took the idea and ran with it.

What I did was copy a picture out of a color book and use watercolors to paint it. Then I painted it the scene on a completely different piece of paper. Cutting out the girl and bunny was easy, but I did have some issues with figuring out how to make them stand in front of the background. What I finally decided to do (since we didn't have any clay or play-doh), was to make a thick flour and water dough. It worked fairly well and I was able to snap my shots, and upload them.

Finally, I used a few Pioneer Woman Actions to brighten the picture just so, and then of course added the text.

It was a fun, exciting, and inspirational project, although I do wish that I knew more about painting with watercolors, but overall I'm fairly pleased with the results. By the way, do any of you know anything about painting with watercolors? Got any tips?

Of course, painting it all on one page would work fine too, as shown in the original that I was inspired by, or perhaps you could get elaborate and have three separate layers, instead of just two like I did. The possibilities are hardly limited, so try it and see!

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday, tomorrow!


  1. Wow, that's really neat! Do another!

  2. That is cool! And that's a cute painting. :)


  3. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Beautiful painting!


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