Happy Banner!

I really love bright and cheerful things, and things that make me feel bright and cheerful. I also really like banners, although I don't think I've ever made one until now.

I have a slightly ugly, slightly cool looking mirror in my room that I haven't hung on the wall yet. I'm not sure that will, but temporarily it's standing in a corner. I decided that the mirror and the corner both needed to be brightened up with...something. So here's the something!

  • Several sheets of cardstock, your choice of color
  • Several sheets of vellum paper (Translucent paper often found in graduation and wedding invitations)
  • A nice black gel pen
  • A length of lace 

  1. Take one of your sheets of cardstock, and fold it in half lenth-wise so that you have a long narrow strip. 
  2. Draw and cut out several banner-shaped triangles, with the wide end on the paper's fold.
  3. Take one of your sheets of vellum and cut out larger triangle shapes, using decorative scissors if you so desire.
  4. Draw your letters onto each vellum triangle. Get fancy!
  5. Open your cardstock triangles and apply glue on the inside. Leaving enough for the end of your banner, place a section of your lace on the triangle, and close it.
  6. Very lightly glue the vellum to the front of your triangle.
  7. Hang up your banner and enjoy!

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