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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Feel free to ignore that text if you like. It won't hurt my feelings any, especially since I don't plan on using BlogLovin' myself. Google Reader works pretty well for me, I think.

However, since we're on the subject, how do you read blogs? Do you have a select few that you simply check every so often, or do you use a specific reader? I curious as to what the options are.



  1. I don't know... I only follow a few of my close friends blogs, and then I talk to the rest in person :) I only follo around 7 and check about half so....

  2. I used to bookmark all my blogs in the internet browser, and occasionally go check on each of them. That worked for me when I was younger, and why did it take me so long to discover Google Reader? Well, now what I do is put everything in my reader. If a blog doesn't make it in there, it probably means I won't remember to go check on it otherwise. Have I ever mentioned that I love my Google Reader?

  3. I use, which is a free service that collects all the blog posts of the day, and sends it to you in one email. It works really well, regardless of how many or how few blogs you are subscribed to. My Mum easily gets fifteen updates in one email! I have had a couple of blogs where it won't work on Feedblitz, but I've been able to use the blog's RSS feed instead and receive a separate email.

    I like using Feedblitz because it means I don't get lots of emails! I like getting updates straight to my Outlook because I focus better without all the distractions of sidebars, or the hype of 'being online'! I read the articles better.

    I hope this helps!


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