Recorder Music and Audacity

I've been "playing" the recorder for quite a few years now, although I have never played it consistently and have never had lessons. I think that a lot of people think that the recorder is a children's toy instrument, or the perfect beginner instrument, which it is! However, despite the fact that I often trick myself into believing that playing the recorder isn't really playing an instrument, the recorder is definitely a music-maker in it's own right.

My brother has been using Garage Band (For Mac computers)  quite a bit lately, creating and editing his own music. Since I only have a PC, I looked around online until I found a PC alternative, which is called Audacity. There is stuff I have to learn yet, but I'm enjoying the challenge!

So, I thought I would share these two skills that have and am learning, by offering two very small clips of music. I can actually play some longer and a few more complicated pieces, but to start off I tried some duets. Not perfect, but fun nonetheless!

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