Capture - Musical Instruments


Yay, we had two submissions this last week, and they were great ones! Here's a look:

Celebrating Girlhood's Submission

Design Girl's Submission

My blue picture! ;)


Join me for the next theme which will be musical instruments! Perhaps you don't play one yourself, or don't anything but a kazoo, but that counts too!

Thank you so much for the great submissions! Due to life in general, I'll have this theme open until June 10th, so it will give you plenty of time to enter your links!


  1. Are you going to keep doing these, Ebee? Because I'd love to start participating! Actually, I've been thinking about hosting my own photography challenges...

  2. @HannahGrace

    Yes, I definitely am! I'm just late on getting this week's up again. Sorry! I'd love for you to participate though. :)


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