Needlecraft from the 20's

My aunt gave me a box a few months ago and when I opened it I was delighted to find an entire stack of Needlecraft Magazines from the 20's!  I was completely and utterly happy as I started to delve through the stack.  I made the mistake of setting them aside though, and now my Aunt wants them back, and I have to hurry to look through them all!

Old Needlecraft Magazines

There are pretty patterns for all kinds of needlecrafting, and ads for the most hilarious products, cures, and ideas!  I have really enjoyed looking through them as I copy down the patterns, and even some recipes, that I would like to keep.

On the inside flap of each magazine is a full page ad or illustration for Cream of Wheat.  Honestly, if these were mine, I would consider copying them and hanging them on the wall.

Early Cream of Wheat Ad
Children of the world love Cream of Wheat!

Another ad that keeps popping up is one so similar to the ones that we often see today, that I couldn't help but laugh. There's nothing new under the sun, right?

Ad from the 20's

Once again, have you found any treasures lately? If so, what were they and what make you so excited about them?

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