Feelin' Crafty

I've been feeling fantastically crafty lately, and so I thought I would show you one of crafts that I completed.

"Regency" Paper Dolls
"I am excessively diverted." ~ Pride & Prejudice

I got the idea for these Fashion Paper dolls, via The Crafty Crow.  By the way, The Crafty Crow is a great place to go to find all kinds of kid-friendly crafts, games and ideas.  Be sure to check it out! (No, nobody asked me to advertise, it was just a fun website I want to share.)

It was such a fun craft idea, and I can totally imagine a gallery of these little ladies decorating the walls of my bedroom. Anyway, I love it and I wanted to share the sweet idea with you. ;)


  1. This is such a cute idea! I'm also envisioning tons of these in my studio...

  2. Ah, LOVE IT! So adorable, M.E. :-D I need to make some of those...<3

    Lots of loves,

  3. Oh me gosh! I love that artwork! :DDD

    You have a really cute blog! :DD Very glad that I stumbled upon it. :)


  4. Hello Dear!

    OH, that is CUUUTE! <3 Love, love, love..so very crafty and adorable. :)

    Thank you so much for your comment on my "flirtation" post..it was so very nice to hear your feedback on the subject. YES, I agree with all that you said. :) All that everyone said, for that matter! Keep strong in the LORD with this...that is what I hoped to encourage with the post, and I'm glad I am in agreement with so many other lovely young ladies.

    Your blog is beautiful, and so are you! <3



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