My New Coat!

We went shopping today.  We enjoy the walking part of it, plus I had a few dollars left on one of my gift cards from Christmas.  J.C. Penny's seemed like a nice place to shop, so we all hopped out of the van and eagerly walked through the doors.

What was one of the first things that attacked our eyes?  A rack of fabulous coats that were only $19.95! Now, in case you don't think that's an awesome deal, let me show you what kind of coats I'm talking about.

My Worthington

This kind.

Me & My Coat
I know it's a horrible picture, but when you're using a cellphone, what can one say?

And this one.

So yes, I bought one.  Do you want to know why?  I have several reasons.
  • Originally, this coat cost $250.  No, I'm not even kidding.
  • The price had been knocked down to $20.
  • Remember that gift card I mentioned?  That knocked $13 of the price.
So, grand total for a $250, blue, wool coat?  $7.

I think I'm going to faint.

My Coat 2

I have wanted a wool coat for ages now.  They have been popular for a few years, but each year I haven't been able to afford it, and practically speaking, this isn't the sort of coat you want to go sledding in.  I always opted for something more...well, like I said, practical.

My Coat

But when I'm only put out by $7, how can one refuse?  I didn't.  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!


  1. Wow-that IS a great deal, especially for such a beautiful coat!

  2. Haha! Pip could probably do 3 scripts, I don't doubt that. I'm trying to decide whether to do my own in addition to the Marooned Pirate or not.

    You did join Polyvore?! Can I have a link to your profile, pretty pretty please please?! :)


  3. I love this coat, btw. :) And never minddd... I found that you have already added me to your contacts. ;)


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