The Graphic Girls!

I am going to tell you a history. Once upon a time, in Blogland, there were four kingdoms (Called "blogs". Blogland is very different from our world.), ruled by four lovely Queens.  Each Queen had the desire to bring beauty, encouragement, smiles, and edification to their "blogs". To fulfill this desire, the Queens created many badges, and offered them freely throughout their lands.

One day, Queen Laura, the ruler of the "blog" Walking in Thy Truth, came up with the brilliant idea to unite the four Queens, thereby quadrupling their power for their mission. At first it was a secret, the Queens not wanting to reveal their plan until they had something to prove it's intent and sincerity.  But soon word got out, that the four Queen's were forming an alliance, for what it was unknown, but already advertising was at work, and the Queens took advantage of the hype to increase excitement about their project. 

Finally, one day, in great and glorious celebration, they revealed the project! The Graphic Girls was born, each Queen promising to contribute freely and graciously to the common good of all Blogland.

If you would like to adorn your "blog", click on the "advertising" below, and join in the glorious cause to bring beauty, joy, and inspiration to all Blogland!


  1. Whoops. Wrong blog! Sorry. I have two different blog accounts going here at the same time and I didn't realize which one I was on.

  2. i know! I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to word my post on "eyes". I knew exactly what my favorite physical feature was, but I didn't know how to put it into words. That's why my post was so short.


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