Inspiration, Thou Art Fickle

For my birthday, I got a book called "Handmade Marketplace: How to sell your crafts locally, globally, and online". I am really enjoying it so far!

One of the things that the author suggests it making an inspiration banner.  Just string a cord across your workspace wall, and hang anything on it that inspires you.

I thought that this was a really great idea, and as far as making crafts to sell, I have needed a little inspiration lately. Not only that, but inspiration is also the key to writing, and even (for some people) living!

Sometimes, though, inspiration can be such a finicky thing. It comes and goes as it pleases, like a child with a mind of it's own, and never cares whether it leaves you furiously creating away, or lonely and desolate.

Anyhow, after a particularly trying battle with a box under the bed,  I grabbed a stack of magazines that my Grammy had given me, and started to flip through them, cutting out anything that remotely interested me.  I shoved it all into a folder, and then felt so much better! Seeing a cute chair with wildly colorful fabric, or a red and white striped yard tent, or cute arrangement of silhouettes made me happy, and making me happy obviously improved my mood.

So, folks, I guess what I'm saying is inspiration is a very cool thing. When you have it. It's okay when you don't have, too!  Just save all of your inspiration, and you'll have something to pull from on those uninspiring days.

Yes, this is kind of a weird post.

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  1. I love flipping through magazines for inspiration! I also love looking at fashion blogs for clothing inspiration :)


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