Glimpses of Morning Life

This morning I went on an interesting walk.

I saw two bees, who must have had a hard day yesterday, because they were still in bed, sleeping in the center of a lovely, yellow wildflower.

Standing on either side of the road were two quail, keeping watch over their young. The ridiculous children couldn't make up their mind which side of the road they wanted to be on, or rather they couldn't decide which side offered more breakfast, or rather they couldn't decide which parent was in a better mood.

I took pictures of the sunrise, as well as several before and after, but as I waited for that glowing orb to ascend, I did have to walk around a bit, to try and keep warm.  Fall is here, and winter is coming!

On my way back to the house, I startled a quartet of birds, who flew away as though they had been interrupted from a secret tryst of some kind. Sorry, birds.

Then I entered the house to find a mother trying to escape her maternal duties, and running rampant through the house. She was quickly put outside, while the puppies she was trying to escape from commenced to growling and tussling. 

Finally, I came into my room, turned on my computer, and wrote this post.


  1. I like this. =) I like your style of writing. Descriptive yet not hard to understand. Sounds like a lovely morning. <3

  2. What a fun post to read! Hopefully the rest of your day will be as amusing and beautiful!


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