A Camping Trip & Three Resolutions

I went camping this last weekend with the Church, and had a blast. My cousin and I climbed up to the top of one of the rim-rocks, we checked out Lake Owyhee Dam, and we had an all around good time.

On reflection, I came back with three resolves, which are extremely interesting ones, considering I was on a camping trip.

The first one came about because one of the ladies was talking about a trip to Canada that they are going to make next summer. Instantly I was all ears and wishes, especially since they are going to good old P.E.I., a.k.a. Prince Edward Island, home of "Anne of Green Gables".  Wouldn't any Anne fan just adore going there?

So the resolve I formed there is to start saving my money. There are actually several things I need to save my money for, and it's not that I have been extremely frivolous, but I want to start saving for a traveling fund, so that when I get the opportunity, I can be ready.

The second resolve was inspired by the same person, and I was impressed with how disciplined they seemed to be. It is kind of necessary if you are going to be a teacher, I suppose, but I decided that getting a little more disciplined in my daily life wouldn't be such a bad thing. I spend too much time on one thing, and not enough time on another.

So, this resolve is to set up a flexible schedule, to appropriately balance my activities. I need to spend the proper amount of time reading, if I am going to learn more about things, and I need to spend the proper amount of time knitting if I am going to finish Christmas presents and start designing patterns! (Another post to come, perhaps. )

The final decision I made was to start reading a few less novels and start reading more books that I can truly learn from. Right now, I am semi-in-the-midst of reading a book called "Unveiling Islam", and I am learning a lot! I want to read many more books on different subjects (i.e. Homeschooling, World Religions, Missionary Stories, Practical Non-Fiction), so that I can more and more be equipped to make my own decisions about what I believe, and to defend and discuss them accurately.  I am going to start with the books I have here at home, but I am also going to purchase a critical thinking book from Rainbow Resources to help me learn how to carefully weigh both sides and choose accordingly.

So, somewhat bizarre conclusions to an outdoor adventure, but important nonetheless.

What have YOU resolved on lately? What have YOU learned lately?

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  1. Very delightful seeing you in my blog reader! I always enjoy your posts. Sounds like you made some excellent resolutions, to me. I hope these resolutions challenge you into a new phase of life. I have my own life resolutions right now too. Sometimes I think I can't push through, with what I have to do... but the Shepherd always guides me through my next steps and before you know it, I'm out of that big pot of boiling water I was in. (only to fall into an even bigger pot of boiling water sooner than I expected......)
    But I do love making goals and challenging myself to one day achieve new & better things.

    God Bless You,
    ~ Tarissa


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