Ali's African Adventures

I wanted to take a few moments and direct you to a blog that really impresses me, in many ways. It is called Ali's African Adventures, and although she is no longer in Africa, her writings remain just as informative and touching as ever.

Ali worked on a Mercy Ship in West Africa, and her blog was devoted to that, sharing the experiences, and stories, of the people she met and helped there. Now she is traveling around the world, and as she shares about that adventure, it is just as touching.

Every time I visit her blog, I can not come away without desperately wanting to help, or wishing that I could somehow be there too, and be as emotionally charged with the welfare of the lost, the sick, and the hungry as Ali is.

It impresses me, and makes me look at my own life, and how little I feel I am doing. Even if I never set foot off of US soil again, Ali's blog inspires me to see what I can do around me, and I hope it does the same for you.


  1. Miss Eyebright,
    This looks like a wonderful blog and I am already interested. Thanks for posting about it! This morning I've already read bits & pieces of Ali's posts, and I think I will thoroughly enjoy reading what she has to say.

    I thought I might tell you about someone else's blog. I personally know Darah and currently she is on a mission trip in Sudan. This is her blog:
    If you're interested, I would recommend starting at the beginning of her blog, since she only has a few posts. Let me warn you! Her writing is so descriptive, intriguing, and lovely. She doesn't just "write"... She story-tells. It's awesome. Another warning: Her posts are long!--but she's really fantastic.

  2. Have a wonderful weekend! Hope you will come visit and follow me too!

  3. Oh, dear Ebee, you're using one of my graphics and you've linked to me. :-) I feel so loved. ;-)

    I got your email! <3 I'll reply soon, maybe tonight.



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