The Speeding Trolley of Time

Excerpt from my journal, August 24, 2010

Original Rose

What a long day, and such an extremely long week this day was in. I think we are all a little too tired for the time to whizz by like a speeding trolley car bound for a destination we can never reach again. Time the Trolley car is headed for the past.

The sad thing is that we are too tired and impatient to take advantage of the lethargic hours as we should. Time is a one-way ride, and if you let the attractions glide by without jumping off to check them out, then they will be lost forever without even a memory to have made it's existence worth the while.

In other words, on those hot and sticky summer days when everyone is grouchy and tired, make sure to stop and smell the roses!


  1. Lovely post, m'dear! ~*~*~

  2. And very thought-provoking, too. <3

  3. Wonderful post! Beautiful photo :)


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