Memory's Sea

A fairy child
hovers round me
flitting out towards
Memory's sea.
She laughs at me
and beckons sweetly
daring, hoping,

My mind is open,
I want to go!
To reclaim that youth
which now is lost.
I tug and pull
at maturity's fetters
to reclaim those days
that I love most.

I can see them now,
days of laughter.
Days of sunshine,
warmth, and mirth.
The world alive
with joy for being.
Simply being on 
this earth.

Beautiful faces
dance all around me.
I love them all
and strain for them still.
Faces of people
I long to be near me,
yet have lost to the world,
their purity killed.

Even my own
innocence tainted.
Colors on canvas
once white before.
This is a reason
I strive to remember.
Strive to recall
those years lost in lore. 

The fairy child
beckons more urgent,
wanting to take me
where I long to be.
But I am caught fast
in the ropes of today,
and I've missed the sailing
on Memory's sea.

© 2010 Defective Compositions

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