A Homemade Christmas ~ Slippers, Gloves, and Scarves

A Homemade Christmas at SimplyVintagegirl.com

Since I was away from internet access this time last year, I missed participating in Miss Emily Rose's Homemade Christmas.  So, it was extra exciting for me this year, knowing that I would be able to take part!

Then...I tried to come up with something to post about for A Homemade Christmas, only to keep running into brick walls.  I wanted to use red felt for something (I don't remember what now!), but what I had thought was felt, wasn't.  Toss that idea!

I suppose that I could have thought and worked a little harder at it, but this post is to make up for that, since I'm going to include not one, not two, but three fabulous ideas to make your loved ones for the Holidays.

Tea Scarf
I had the several balls of the most beautiful colored acrylic yarns, just waiting to be worked up into a scarf, and I finally did so, after finding the recipe for The Tea Scarf.  Now, I completely and totally agree that the original is far more romantic, luxiourious, and feminine than the one that I created, but mine does have a personality all of it's own.

This scarf is super quick and easy, will work up with a fairly small amount of yarn, and look wonderful.

Tea Scarf 2

Tea Scarf 5 
Thanks to Bluejane for modeling.

Intercostal Mitts
The perfect gift for anyone, really, these warm, close-fitting gloves are sure to delight.  At least one hopes they will.  They will work up fairly quickly, depending on how fast of a knitter you are, and how hard you push yourself to finish them.  There is still time to make a pair before Christmas.

The pattern is called Intercostal Mitts, but I regret to announce that you can only get this free pattern if you have a Ravelry account.  Seriously, you poor knitting and crocheting people without an account are missing out.

On to the pictures!

My Brother's Gloves 3

My Brother's Gloves 2 
Thanks again to Bluejane, for modeling.

Knitted Moccasin Slippers

For this third, and final Homemade Christmas suggestion, I will simply redirect you to a previous post.  The question of the pom-pom is old news, so just ignore that, but pictures, and a link to the pattern are still there.

If you would like to read more Homemade Christmas ideas, or if you would like to particpate, skip on over to SimplyVintagegirl.
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