The Glade Between the Forests -or- The First Draft of my Novel is Finished!


A few final tweaks, the addition of a sentence or two, and that was that. It was finished. The first draft of my novel is complete.

Now I am in an inbetween place. A valley between two mountains. A village between two cities. A clearing between two forests. The eye of the storm. Here I can catch a breath of cool, sweet air, but I can smell the rain that is coming with the towering clouds.

The forest behind me, once dark and forbidding, now seems almost friendly and welcoming. I have been there. I have seen it's hidden secrets. I have discovered the path through it, and have learned it's personality and quirks. Now I am resting in the sweet glade that separates the one from the other. The forest ahead of me is now the one that looms large and frightening. The only thing that I have to help me throught that forest, is the knowledge that I have acquired from the forest behind me.

In other words, I am inbetween two steps of the novel writing process. I have completed the first draft. Now, the large and seemingly unending task of editing my work lies before me. I am a little overwhelmed at the prospect, but at the same time, a hint of adventure and daring challenges me, and I feel myself responding with thrills of excitment.

This is a new step. I am going where I have never gone before. How long will take me? I don't know. I don't know how big the forest is. I don't know the circumference of the storm. The city is a big place!

Picture credit goes to Karen's Whimsey Public domain Images.

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