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One Boy's Battle by Christmas Carol Kauffman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Millard Gingrich is a young lad whose life is not that put together. He completely respects his mother, yearns to be close to his father, and knows he needs to be right with God, but in the last two areas he is held back by his father's stand-offish manner. In a moment of weakness and in a small way, despair, he enlists with the military at the start of World War II, only to discover that this is the very last thing his mother wished for him. With no way to back out, Millard just sincerely hopes that he will never actually see any action.

When he is sent to the front lines, Millard is forced to see how ugly and pointless war really is. His agonized days are spent carrying out orders, but trying to desperately make sense of it all. One night when he is knocked unconscious from a blast he finally decides to release his life to the Lord. In doing so, he is utterly convicted of the sin of killing any of mankind, and realizes he can no longer fulfill the obligations of his job. Perceiving his difficulty he goes to the camp priest and shares his conviction only to be told that he should sleep it off.

The rest of this true story shares Millard's journey as he waits to travel home to his loved ones in the States, and how he finally found peace, forgiveness, and love for every man, including the Germans and Japanese that he had fought against. It is a testimony of non-resistance, and how God does amazing things for and through those who are obedient to Him.

This book receives four stars, not for great writing, but for a great message that is powerful and convicting. For another fabulous read by the same author, check out For One Moment: A Biographical Story.

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  1. Blousey8:14 PM

    What spesifically are you convicted about? Just interested!:)

    1. It was convicting to read a true story about a man who realized that killing people is not an option as a Christian, and the way God freed him from his situation. Also the fact that Millard was able to see that the Germans and Japanese were people that God had created, as well as the "good guys", and love them as we are commanded to love our enemies. That was what was convicting about it, if I recall properly. ;)

  2. It sounds like a very good and interesting book.


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