Some Good Reads

This is a collection of posts that date from the middle of January to this last week. Each of them resonated with me in some way, and I hope they will for you too! If you're looking to be inspired, something lovely to read, or even some new blogs to follow, definitely peruse the links below.
  • Comment Replying and Blog Tips ~ YES. I didn't know about the replying by email bit, but I agree with the blog tips 100%.
  • Whatever You Do ~ A good reminder for myself, as well as an encouragement for you as well!
  • Lovin' the Big Years ~ There are precious moments in all stages of life.
  • Thoughts for the Lord's Day ~ Are we wasting our days in selfishness, or are redeeming the time by obeying the commands that God has given us?
  • What is {True} Love? ~ Is love hopping from relationship to relationship? How is love really defined?
  • The Hound and the Hart ~ Seeking God's will is all well and good (if you go about it the right way!), but wouldn't it be better to seek the heard of God instead?
If you read any of those posts, what were your thoughts? 


  1. commenting and replying blog tips. :) I always need tips when it comes to that.

    BTW. If you are still going to do another Make it From Pinterest Challenge, I would be interested in donating something for a giveaway. I'm opening up a brand new Etsy store and craft blog, and would like to do this. Email me at


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