Highlights of the Week


We've been enjoying our new pellet stove this week. Such a cozy, blanket-and-sock feeling. Taking my reading or handwork out to the living room is much more fun.

Deciding to branch out into embroidery patterns, and whipping out the first design in no time. I'm still trying to figure out what quote I want to go with it, but if all goes well I hope to be putting it up in the shop soon!


Having my uncle here for the week has made everything a little more enjoyable. He's mainly here to go up to the mountain when my brother goes snowboarding, but he is just fun to have around all the time.

My dress for the upcoming ball is coming along nicely, and the embroidery is almost complete! I think...I still haven't decided if I want to do the back of the collar or not, but the front is almost complete! Then there will be a few things like hemming to do, and it will be ready to go!

Yesterday my sister went and bought a puppy. His is an Australian Shepherd/Corgi mix, and the fluffiest fluff you have ever seen. Georgie decided to name him Watson, and he has been the darling of the house since he got here. Honestly, life would be pretty dull without puppies!


What made you happy this week? Also, would you be interested in re-attempting a Pinterest Challenge? I'm thinking another one towards the end of the month would be a fun thing, yes?


  1. Yes please could you do another Pinterest challenge? I wanted to do it so bad but we were on vacation and I got home the very last day of the challenge. :/

  2. Oh my, Watson looks just about as fluffy as the puppy we took in.


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