Dearest Whatsits

Jenny and Abigail have posted some of their favorite things, and while this is a fairly popular blog topic it's such an appealing one that I decided to do one too.

> The smell of old books
> Writing when inspiration hits 
> Reading books that inspire me to try harder
> Perfectly shaped cursive letters
> Good Science Fiction
> A well-organized spot 
> Music from musicals 
> Works (books, movies...) that make you think and wonder 
> Classic literature 
> Yarn shops sorted by color 
> Excellently executed allegories 
> Rosemary Sutcliff 
> Clearance racks 
> My favorite childhood books 
> Growing and learning in my walk with Christ 


  1. Love this! Especially Works that make you think and wonder. That one's at the top of my list! I don't really like to listen to music from musicals (I'm more of a rock n' roll girl) but I do love to sing music from musicals. Especially Godspell!

  2. I love your list! Many of them are my favorite things, too.


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