Pondering Christmas, Classics, and Cars

It's oh so close to Christmas Day, and I am sometimes forgetful of it. Sometimes I'm in the "mood" and sometimes I'm not. I realize however that "mood" has nothing to do with the real reason for Christmas. For some great thoughts on that, check out my sister's post, "Seasons Thoughts".


Last night I finished reading an awesome Charles Dickens book, Little Dorrit. It was a great ending, for the most part, with the two main characters finally coming together. Arthur Clenham after all of his searching is to never know the past, but his future will be sweet indeed with Amy by his side. Unfortunately, the rest of it was all a little confusing. Dickens does have an annoying habit refraining from giving name to the characters he is speaking of in certain chapters, and you are left to work it out for yourself. Ah well.

Now I am left with the terrible choice of choosing a new book to read. Do I want to read a classic or a contemporary thriller? Sci-fi, or historical fiction? Christian living, or just a book of pure and fun fluff? It's tough, and Little Dorrit is an act that is tough to follow! Perhaps it's about time to actually read A Christmas Carol?

I have never taught anyone how to drive before, let alone how to drive a stick, yet that is exactly what I found myself doing this evening. Due to a rapid shortening of allotted time, my sister was eager to learn how to drive my car, so that it would be available to her on numerous occasions. So we set off together.  It wasn't too bad. I realize that I am certainly not the most qualified person to teach driving a stick, but since my own experiences are still relatively fresh in my mind, it made it very easy to feel great gushy gobs of sympathy for Georgie.

We both survived the episode, despite my unnecessary cries each time we jolted uncomfortably. Now I know what it's like to be a passenger when someone like me is driving! My car has certainly been an learning experience!

All in all, as I have heard several people mention before, December is going by in a flash, and before I know it the year will be 2012 A.D.  I am learning to put my trust in God, who will comfort and sustain me through any trials that may come.

Merry Christmas!

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