In Which I Share about Books, Etsy Shops, and Thoughts for a New Blog Design

>>I finished reading Sense & Sensibility. It was so good to discuss it with friends and to look at it a whole lot more deeply than ever before! If you have never been a part of a book club or class of some kind, I definitely recommend it. As for Sense and Sensibility, it has grown a little dearer, and a little more understood.

                                                                         Source: via Kirana on Pinterest

>>For the same British Literature class that I mentioned above, I have just started reading Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens. I'm only on chapter fourteen, but already I'm truly enjoying it! There has been much walking about in the streets of London, and discovering of people in darkish, hidden alleys. For some reason that is one point of the novel that is greatly intriguing me at this moment.

>>Prayers would be appreciated for my dear friend Hannah and her family. Her little brother, Noah is quite sick and in the hospital right now. Updates can be found at the blog by clicking the button below.

>>Turris, my NaNo novel just hit 15,000 words yesterday. I'm slowly making my way up the word count ladder, excitedly reaching each new point in the plot. It's interesting to note that a video game is playing a major part! Playing solitaire on my computer when I'm supposed to be writing is also playing a major part.

>>I have seen this artists work before, but I just found her Etsy shop and have fallen in absolute love! Theaterclouds takes gorgeous and whimsical 3D photographs using her own artwork. Stunning! Definitely go check out her shop. Oh, and you have to see my favorite print in her shop, "Take me where I want to go".

>>Service to others has been a topic that has been popping up in my mind all year long, but especially right now, as I'm doing my best to help serve some of my family members with a project. Being a servant is not something I'm particularly good at, but I'm learning a lot, and trying to practice more every day.

                                                                               Source: via Eyebright on Pinterest

>>I have to admit, I am once again contemplating a newer, cleaner blog design. Something along the lines of Pastor's Girls's Ponderings or Beautiful Blank Pages? What do you think?

What are some of your thoughts?


  1. >>Sense & Sensibility. I wonder if it would meet up to the standards that Pride & Prejudice have set for me? I've yet to read S&S and I wonder if I want to as the movie [which I scanned through :P], didn't really impress me. But I totally get you on the reading with a group; definitely makes a whale of a difference in the reading experience.

    >>Noah will definitely be part of my prayers. It's the least, and most, that I can do. Also following the Praying For Noah so that I can stay updated.

    >>I had to laugh out loud at the solitaire part- I can relate to that bit much too much!

    >>'Service' for me as well. The Bible study that I'm doing now mentioned the one verse from 1. Peter 2:15. It listed doing good as the will of God for us! THAT cast a new light on this.

    >>As for your blog design, it actually already looks quite like the blogs you linked to. I don't quite know how you'd go for cleaner! It's quite beautiful as is. Though, of course, the end decision is up to the blog-owner! :)

  2. LoL. So I'm not the only one who wastes time on the computer when I should be working on my word count? :) I haven't based my story off a game, but on an image stuck in my head. :)


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