I Was Lovin' the Sun (And my shirt!)

The other day was just gorgeous.  The sun was bright and warm, and as I sat on the couch trying to fix my laptop, I suddenly realized something.

"What am I doing? I'm wasting the precious sunlight!" With what felt like little time to spare until the sun slipped to the other side of the earth, I dashed to throw my skirt in the dryer (I didn't feel that lint would be an admirable addition to a photo shoot), and spruced myself up.

My darling sister, is currently laid up with the traumatic conditions that inevitably follow the removal of one's wisdom teeth, so I decided I would have to go at it alone.

Gone With The Wind

My first attempts were less than successful, although I did get the cool shot above. I couldn't help but save it. The stripes rock.


I was super excited about this shirt I had just gotten the day before at Goodwill. I've been wanting a striped shirt for a while now, so I was glad to have this one turn up! Plus, it was a half-off item. Double-score. Pair it with jeans, or a cute skirt, or anything really!

Shall We Dance?

Add some sweet, black flats, and I had it made.  Oh, one more thing that I nearly forgot to tell you. See those three photos above, and the awesome photo-editing job? Well, technically I didn't do it. Pioneer Woman did.  No, don't faint from envy or anything, I've never met the woman, but I did download her Photoshop Elements actions, and let me tell you a not-so-secret...they absolutely rock. No kidding.  If you have Elements, then what are you doing here? Go download those actions right now!


  1. How lovely your new background looks, Miss Eyebright! And I am guessing this is a "test" post? Either that, or you are VERY talented with Latin. ;)

    ..If you could send me an e-mail with your address ASAP, I can get your "Floral Ruffle Necklace" out to you soon!

    Lucia Marie


  2. Design Girl12:11 PM

    Cute! That is a totaly cool shirt! See ya Sunday!!

    Love, V.J.

  3. Oh, I know the situation of wasting the sunlight. I do that way too often...

    Love your shirt :)


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