A Business Vision

My good friend Hannah is doing a series of photography lessons, and I thought I would have fun and participate, and learn something along the way!

This week, she supplied a series of questions to ask that will help create a business plan or vision.  I am not a professional photographer, and probably will not be one, but I still look forward to exploring the possibilities, despite the lack of a business mindset!

Who is your target audience: At the moment, seniors, although I know I would enjoy doing children and families as well.

What formats do you offer: Prints, and digital image files.

When did you start: Fall 2009

Where is your target area: My hometown and surrounding areas, in Oregon.

What is your philosophy/style: I enjoy using traditional angles and poses, but also exploring new ideas and perspectives. A favorite technique is macro photography, although that is not often called for in portraiture.

Why do you do what you do: I love to think that by pursuing this interest of mine that I can be of service to families and individuals all around me. I love posing, I love shooting, and I love editing.  I love photography. Pursuing a greater understanding and knowledge in photography is a natural result of that.

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