Dear Error bX-ixy9ss

I have once again been in the template-changing mood, and so have thrown myself into working on my sister Georgie's blog, which is going quite nicely, I think. You might want to check it out. I know that you are just an error code, but I'm sure that you can still admire the template color scheme.

I hate to say it, but I would like to redesign my own blog as well. I loved the grey background when I put it up, I really did, but now it's just too...dark. I want something that's a little more light and flowing.

The problem is, I want it now, and Blogger is not co-operating. Last time I changed my template was  before I met you, but ever since the problems that everyone had, my Blogger experience is still wacky. Every time I try to go to my dashboard or the template designer (template designer being the second most important place, right next to the html page), all I get is a good look at you:

Needless to say, this vexes me.

Not that you aren't beautiful in your own error-code-ish sort of way, but I'm afraid you stand in the way of progress (hopefully!) .

So dear bX-ixy9ss, although our acquaintance has been a short one, I feel that I must say I don't like you and would like to distance myself from you. In fact, I would rather never see you again. No hard feelings, okay?


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