Capture - Blue


Alright! Everyone ready to gear up for this weeks photo challenge? I know I am!



Anything you can get that captures the gorgeous color blue will be perfect! It's the perfect time of year to capture blue skies, lakes, flowers, juice, crafts, or anything else that could possibly be blue. So, let's get going! 

As for me, I'll be looking around for my own blue composition, and looking forward to seeing your submissions!


  1. Design Girl1:37 PM

    I am finishing up my submission! Can't wait to see what others do!!


  2. I would really like to participate in this, but I need a computer to edit my photos...

  3. For the longest time your blog hasn't been updating in my reader. So, unless I come here (which I do forget to do) then I don't ever see your lovely posts!

    I wish I would have known about this photo challenge! Alas, I see your graphic says "weekly"... so.. maybe next time. Anyways, about 30 of your posts came into my reader today... so I'm starting from the oldest and browsing through them. {You'll probably be receiving some more comments from me soon.} *wink*


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