So We Went Bowling

Last week the married couples of our church got together for a Sweetheart Dinner. No kids allowed. (Obviously!) So, I grabbed the keys, grabbed my siblings, and we headed off to the bowling alley.


Alright, so it didn't happen quite like that. We had to pick up Georgie and Fin from play practice, and then we went to Carl's Jr. for dinner first, where we all had a really good time. Kekoa (my brother), decided that it was strange that us girls always compare people that we see to actors, or movie characters. We all realized that it was really true, so we laughed pretty hard. Its just a random, interesting observation that we made.


We were all notoriously bad at bowling. Seriously, we were worse than the little children that we saw there. Sometimes we were superbly embarrassed, but we all managed to survive it, thank goodness. I think it was probably beneficial for our character development, anyway.

Fin's awesome bowling shoe.

So, Sammy, we took these pictures just for you, because we knew that you would be just as much in love with the bowling shoes as we were. We think that we should all buy some old bowling shoes to wear when we travel in the Olive Green Van. Just a thought.

Oh, and did I mention that we had a blast? 


  1. Bowling is fun... even if no one is really good at it. :)

    -- Pearl

  2. Haha! Love Fin's awesome sock in that shoe shot. *laughs like a maniac*

  3. Eep! Those bowling shoes were epic! A lot more epic than ours, which were florescent green & pink. O.o [link] Those bowling shoes, the ones you wore, might actually be considered beautiful. And I'd totally wear them. I LOVE them, actually. :P Yep, I'm weird.

    Speaking of the OGV, your post inspired me to go write a part in the story. So go. Read. Write. Be awesome.


  4. I love the picture of my epic bowling shoe and striped sock. Haha. :)

    ~ The Gutter Ball Queen


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