Capture - Nature

Capture Photography Challenge

This week's theme is photograph something that is natural or native to your area. This can be plants, animals, people (if you have their permission!), landmarks, or anything, but it has to be a fair representative of your region. If your picture needs to be explained a little, all the better!

It's a pretty broad first category, but it should prove fun and interesting.

Here's mine.

Taken with a Canon Powershot SX 10 IS, and curves slightly edited.

I took the obvious approach and decided to go with a plant as my representation of my area. This is a native moss growing on the branch of a dead Sage Brush. This is very typical in our area, of moss growing on...just about anything! Despite that fact, we live in a very dry area.

Now, go capture and be happy!


  1. Bah humbug. I would have had the perfect picture to join in the fun of this one for Nature. Hmmm, guess I need to seriously find the current photo challenge.


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