Capture - Knick-Knacks

Capture Photography Challenge

Wow, thank you to the people who participated in last week's challenge!  Since there were just a couple, I thought I would link to Emily Grace Photography (1st participant), and show you the entry of V.J. (2nd participant!).

I just <3 bee-hives, don't you? Thanks V.J.! :)

Thank you for participating, you guys!


This week, share a picture of your favorite knick-knack. I'm sure you all have one! Mine is a tiny glass goat with green horns. I'll show it to you next week, so be sure to come back!


  1. I sure like the Idea of your blog. Keep up the Awsome work.:)

  2. Design Girl8:23 PM

    ARRG! Don't stop! I just posted the button on my blog!! I really want to do it PLEASE!!!!


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