Wheels For Noah

Alright, so I was going to write a sweet, touching post about how everyone should go and support this dear family, but I changed my mind.  It turned out way too sappy.

Wait, not the dear family part!  That's not what I meant!  Oh, here, let me try that again.

No, the dear family bit is 100% correct, but since I'm having a hard time writing out a brief summary of the story for you all, how about you just head over to the home page of Wheels for Noah to get the full scoop?

What I REALLY want to tell you is that right now, until Saturday the 5th, they are having an online silent auction in order to raise money to buy a wheelchair accessible bus for the family!  Another thing that I REALLY want to tell you is that there are BUNCH of great products on there to buy, all donated by people who care for Noah and his family and want to help.

But wait, there's more!  I was lucky enough to have some items available that I donated to the auction, and if you go over and check out the auction, you can see them there!  I donated the gloves, the small purse, and...a dress.  If you can find the dress and come back and tell me what kind of dress it is, you get double points!  The points don't count for anything, but hey!  There has to be an incentive somewhere, right?

Anyway, please go check out the auction, and if at all possible think of bidding on some of the items.  It's for a GREAT cause. <3

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  1. A Regency Dress!! WOooo I get the points! ;0) Great post! I was a-clickin' on everyone who donated things just to see...ok, well really because I'm nosy...but that's besides the point! I am praying this need is met and so good to see the body of Christ pulling together for it. Praise the Lord! :0)


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