My First Quilt Block

I absolutely love browsing crafty blogs.  They fill me with inspiration, give great tips, and share fabulous tutorials!  A really cute craft blog is Penelope Waits, and she is always sharing pictures of her projects, and occasionally a sweet tutorial!  That's where I found the tutorial for this lovely quilt block, "Square in a Star".

In a previous post, the author of Penelope Waits shared that her and a friend had decided to challenge each other to pick a photo for inspiration and a quilt block pattern, and each come up with a quilt block based off of the photo.  I thought this was not only a fabulous idea, but something inside me was just itching to make a quilt block.  I've never really made one before, so I am super excited about this!

Blue & Yellow - My Favorite!

I based my color scheme off of a picture from a paint chip booklet that you can see in the upper corner.  Yellow and Blue has long been a favorite color combination of mine.

I have no idea what I am going to do with my quilt block yet, but at least I have it to use if I want it!


  1. Lovely! I think yellow and blue together are sooo fresh and cheerful. I have been trying to convince a friend of mine to have sky blue bridesmaids dresses for her wedding, with bouquets of daisies and buttercups. Oh, well, that won't happen, as those colors are decidedly not her.

    Like the new layout!

  2. So lovely, dear Ebee!! You could make a pillow case out of it, for a small square pillow. That would be very adorable, and if you enjoy doing it...make more and sell them! ;-)



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