My Bug

I've been meaning to post about my birthday present for quite some time now, and just finally got around to it, and the internet finally cooperated!  

For my birthday, I got my very first car, a 1971 Volkswagon Bug. Was I thrilled? You bet.  I had to learn to drive a stick, but it's been worth it, because I love that little bug.

Her name is Etsy, by the way. Inspired by the license plate which says "ETZ".  We thought it was appropriate.

She doesn't like going up hills, but speeds along like a vintage dream when on level ground. Oh, and Celtic Thunder is the perfect music for cruising. I've decided their "Appalachian Round Up" is Etsy's theme song.  

I love all of the vintage-y-ness that this bug seems. I love it's wacky color, I love it's cute tires, I love it's big steering wheel, I love the little metal strip that runs down it's side, and I love the way it makes people happy.

Oh yes, did I tell you? Or did you already know? Bugs make people smile.


  1. Oh, congrats! Very cute!

  2. I love your bug. I am jealous of your bug. I WANT your bug! ;) ;) ;) Lucky girl you are!

  3. Oh, how great!!! Lovin' it!!! Congrats!

  4. Etsy is a very beautiful car. The photos perfectly capture its delightful vintage look. Yes, Bugs make people smile. That's probably why I love them so much!


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