Thoughts of the Seasons

My sweet friend Elizabeth tagged me with this absolutely delightful tag!

In Spring, my favorite things are seeing all of the baby animals learning to walk, running, and frisking about.  I love to see new growing things, because they are such a unique color of green.  There is an air of new life about that fills me with joy.

In Summer, I love lazy days on the porch swing, whether we be reading, writing, napping, talking, or simply enjoying.  I love playing croquet in my Grandparent's yard, the cool touch of beautiful green grass, and the shrieks when the sprinklers suddenly come on.  I love hiking in the woods, and admiring the flowers and ferns.

In Autumn, with me being a sweater lover, I love having the brisk days when a sweater isn't optional, but a must.  I love the brilliant colors.  I love the cozy feeling that I get just because it is Fall.  The crunching noise that leaves make when you step on them, the rains, the puddles that come after the rains, is all some of my favorite things about Autumn.

In Winter, I love curling up in a wad of blankets, socks, pillows, and sweaters, to read a book.  I love the fresh, untouched look of newly fallen snow.  Sledding all day and coming home soaked is one of my favorite winter memories, along with sledding on an old car hood pulled by a 4 wheeler, sitting around the fireplace in a lovely, huge fort that my Uncle helped my cousins to build, and going out on Christmas morning to pick and pull a sagebrush for a Christmas Tree.

Now that I’ve told you my favorite thoughts of the seasons I challenge you to a tag. I’m going to tag four people to follow my thoughts of the seasons and have them tell me theirs.
I tag….

Even if you’re not one of the four bloggers chosen above, feel free to post your feelings with a link back to my blog.

Rules of the tag
1. Tag at least three people after your post.
2. Post back to the blog that tagged you.
3. Post the rules of the tag and please don’t post the things you least like about the seasons, but what you like best.

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