Ten Things About Me

I thought I would pass on this fun tag that I saw over at A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles.

  1. I used to name the trees that resided in our yard.  Jack and Beautiful were their names, and I cried and sobbed when we had to move and leave them.
  2. I don't like coconut, and never have.  
  3. I prefer to read about European or Egyptian history, rather than American.
  4. When I was small, I had a strange sense of fashion.  I would yank my socks as high as I possibly could, and then carefully roll them down to my ankles.  When it was cold, I would don my bathing suit, and when the sun was blistering hot, I would be dressed for a snow day.  I am glad to say that I have acquired better taste.
  5. Our family has almost considered moving to Chile.
  6. I like singing hymns in church.  Not popular, contemporary songs, no matter how "Christian" they might be.
  7. One of my favorite actresses is Julie Andrews.
  8. I get excited about knitting to the point where I begin to loose sleep.  Ridiculous?  Probably.
  9. When I was small I wanted my hair to grow to my ankles.  Now I am older, I realize how much work that would be.  Still, way down in my romantic side, I think it would be kind of cool.
  10. Mrs. Polifax is one of my favorite mystery heroines.
If you would like to do this tag, be my guest!
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