Sharing the Blessings ~ One

I recently started following this adorable and quaint blog, written by Kellie Falconer, and I am so excited to learn more about her and read her posts!

She recently started a meme which is similar to many others, but one that I couldn't resist, seeing as how it had such a lovely button.  Sharing the Blessings is exactly what it sounds like, and so I'd love to begin!

This week, I am extremely excited and thankful that my beloved, special-needs brother is learning to read! It hasn't just been this week, and it has been an extremely long and unusual process, but he just read to me several Dick and Jane stories, yesterday.

It is not much, and there is still a long road ahead of us, but I think that my little brother is well on his way to learning a skill that so many of us take for granted. Hip, hip, hooray!

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  1. Thank you so much for joining! I am so blessed to hear of your brother's accomplishment - I have a sibling who also had great struggles in reading, and I remember the absolute joy when those hard-won words became smooth sentences, and another child entered the door to a lifetime of learning. Praise God!



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