A Fun Feature on Pintrest

Wow. Just last week I discovered a new feature on one of my new favorite websites, Pintrest. In case you're unfamiliar with this site, Pintrest is a kind of a bookmarking/catch-all for inspiring photos, tutorials, or just about anything else that has pictures on the web. When you see something amazing, you pin it in it's proper category, and then it can be seen by all of your friends who can then "repin" it.

Perhaps the description doesn't sound any different than any other social networking, or bookmarking tool that you can find on the web, but for some reason, when I see many of the pictures on Pintrest, I get completely and instantly inspired.

Anyway, the new feature that I was talking about is that now you can kind of subcategorize your boards, but not only that, you can have multiple people pinning to the same board!

Wow! Just new features on the website inspire me! I'm coming up with all kinds of crazy ideas on a collaborative pin boards for a million different subjects. You could have a group of your friends get together, and share a board dedicated to knitting patterns, DIY home decor, inspirational messages such as the one below, or missions related articles, websites, and shops.

                                                                            Source: etsy.com via Eyebright on Pinterest

You could even start a supportive photography group this way, and have members pin articles, tutorials, and tips to help improve your skill!

All in all, I think it's an awesome new feature, and I encourage you to test it out and let me know what you think! What kind of group board will you create? Who did you invite? And by the way, you can find me on Pintrest by searching for Eyebright!

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