Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I don't often rave about movies on here, and one reason for that is I can never find any pictures that I like for the movies that I like. There's other concerns I have as well, that usually prevent me from posting like this, but today I'm going to do it anyway.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is seriously one of my all time favorite musicals, and movies.

I love each and every one of the actors and actresses who play the sweet and hilarious "family" of four who fix up a car that takes them on adventures beyond belief! Jeremy and Jemima and absolutely adorable. Their sweet, childish faces and ideas are warming right down to your toes.

"Truly Scrumptious, you're truly, truly scrumptious. Scrumptious as a cherry peach parfait. When you're near us, it's so delicious. Honest Truly, you're the answer to our wishes."

Truly Scrumptious, the daughter of a wealthy and (sort of!) intimidating owner of confectionary factory comes into the story with her flowing skirts and high minded ideas, adding a little temperance to Pott's impulsive fancies.

Caractacus Potts is the father of Jeremy and Jemima. He also happens to be an inventor, which we often see the hilarious results of. He is adaptable, fatherly, imaginative, and a dreamer. Not to mention, he is played by the fabulous Dick Van Dyke.

Then there is Grandpa, the Baron and Baroness of Vulgaria, the Child-Catcher, the Toy-Maker, the spies and many other characters that create a good time for all who watch it.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang may not be the best for actors, special effects, plot, or anything else, but it still gets five stars from me!

Screencap credit goes to newsie_nympho. I do not endorse everything that can found through this link, so as always, please use caution.


  1. This has always been one of our favorite movies to watch as a family. It makes everyone laugh! =D

  2. I like this movie, too :D I especially love the song, "Truly Scrumptious", much to my sisters' chagrin!


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