Thanks Shabby Apple, Now You've Got Me Started...

As some of my friends may know, I stayed up a little later than I intended to last night collecting inspiration, searching for the ever attainable and elusive "free", and generally looking for great ideas.  I thought I would share a few with you.

I'm not really that much of a fashion person.  I like to wear nice clothes, and mix and match my wardrobe to come up with a new combination.  I'm not a fashion blogger and probably won't ever be, but lately I have been inspired to try and sew some of my own clothes (Shabby Apple helped with that).  What is really great about this, is that the huge piece of fabric that I have and plan on making a dress with, came from the thrift store!  Some people say that it's not entirely practical to make your own clothes anymore. I disagree. You just have to do it in the right way.

Anyhow, to get back on track here.  Last night I signed up for a couple of websites that I figured would be fun to share, and maybe I'll see one of you signed up for them as well!

  • Burda Style ~ Sewing patterns, some free, some not.  I definitely think it's worth the sign up.  As a featured pattern that they offer for free, here's a link to some cute culottes. I might have to try this, Laura! ;)
  • Your Style Rocks ~ It looks like this site is just getting started, but if you're into fashion and design, you might want to take a look!  They host contests where you can enter a design.  If your design wins, then they make it and offer it as a free pattern on their site!
  • Free Sewing Patterns ~ Looks like a great collection of tutorial links!

Alright, three links may not seem like a lot (although there's more than three links up there! Go back and look.), but I definitely think that between those websites you'll have enough to keep your creative juices flowing and your sewing machine humming for a while.  Unfortunately, I don't have such a huge stash and will run out of fabric before I run out of ideas.

What are you sewing?  Do you prefer "refashion", "diy fashion", or just plain and simple "free patterns"?  What fashion or pattern websites do you frequent?


  1. is another great site, where you can cheaply download heaps of patterns and them print them at home! I must admit it's a bit of a bother sticking the pages together but it a good resource.

    Sewing your own clothes is an important skill to have, I think, because it gives you the freedom to wear what you want to wear when the shops don't have it. Though, on the other hand, time is money!

    Even if I don't make all my clothes from scratch it's good to know how to mend and alter clothes. I haven't done much dressmaking, but I plan to. :)

  2. Ooooh! *tackles the links* The culottes pattern looks great, I say go for it and let me know how it works! [*ehem* in other words, pictures! ;-)]

    Thanks for sharing, I will def. be going through these soon!


  3. I'm currently sewing a blue dress, style from the 1950's. Sewing your own clothes often makes it easier to have clothes that fit and are modest. I love to create my own patterns - it's so rewarding! :)

    I usually prefer to wear 40's, 50's fashion honestly, though I do wear other things too.

    To the KING be all the glory!


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