Bear-Paw Quilt Block

Last month I was very excited about doing following a tutorial for a quilt block, and I have done it again this month!  Over at Penelope Waits, the blog author and her friend have been challenging themselves every month to pick a picture, pick a quilt block, and then use the colors from the picture to create their very own quilt block.  I have been doing it too.

Bear-Paw Quilt Block

I picked my picture (a baby room in blue and green pastels), and set to work, carefully cutting out my pieces. I set to work, following the instructions, and finished with a block!

Bear-Paw Quilt Block w/inspiration

I would really encourage all of you crafty and not-so-crafty girls out there to try these tutorials over at Penelope Waits.  They are really easy to follow.  I have hardly ever sewn a quilt block in my life, and now I have two completed!  Not to mention they are very satisfying to finish.


Granted, my two sweet, little blocks aren't perfectly straight, or beautifully photographed (I used my cellphone!), but they were fun to make.

What crafts have you been working on lately?  If you decide to try out the tutorials from Penelope Waits, let me know, because...well, I'd just love to know! ;)


  1. this block looks GREAT - i love the colours you've chosen.
    thanks so much for linking me :D

  2. The blocks DO look great! I especially love the colours you've picked for this one!

    In answer to your question on my blog, the lizard is a Five Lined Skink. (I didn't know that, I just asked my brother ;) )

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!

    God bless


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