Meet the Newest Pampered Chef Consultant!

Yes, that's right.  You are reading the personal blog of a newly made Pampered Chef Consultant.  A few weeks ago I ordered the kit, and I am busy planning my first shows right now.

I thought I wanted to try it last year, but I chickened out.  This time, I am committed to at least try it, and I am actually excited!  I also have more confidence, and am mostly at peace with this new venture.

So, I would appreciate your prayers, and if you happen to live close by, why not plan your Pampered Chef Party today!*

*See, aren't I great sales-person already? ;)


  1. Oh, that's so exciting!! =D

  2. Aha! I've found you!

    I thought you had disappeared off the blogosphere... I must have missed the fact you had moved to blogspot!

    Congratulations! That's very exciting!



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