In Which I can't Make Up My Mind

I had figured that traveling with my Aunt would get me to a lot of neat stores and places, so it was no surprise when we came across a little thrift shop in downtown Astoria.

We browsed for a few moments before my eye caught a collection of items that will always arouse my interest.

Fabric, yarn, and craft supplies were all thrown together in some small shelves. I moved quickly to the yarn, knowing that it is in thrift shops like this where a knitter’s dream could come true.

There, lying on the top, rested four skeins of a delicate and pale, rose color. Hurriedly, I rotated the bundles to ascertain the fiber type. 75% acrylic and 25% wool! Perfect! The acrylic makes it easier to wash and maintain, while the wool keeps it warm and gives it a bit more class.

Locating the price tag, I could hardly believe what Providence had brought me. $1.00 a skein! Good yarn like this is often $5 or more when brand new, so this was definitely a deal!
I turned the yarn in my hands a minute, wondering how much cash I had, and debating if I really needed or wanted it.

Setting it all back down, I hurried back to my Aunt. I paused then, to check my wallet. Sure enough, there lay four dollar bills, a small representative of my dwindling resources.
Again, I debated, and continued to debate as I hopped from one eye-catching item to the next. I did not NEED the yarn, since I had a whole bag of it at home. Also, since I was traveling, did I want to spend my money on something I could get anywhere, instead of a souvenir?
Still, I wavered.

My Aunt seemed nearly done, and I still hadn’t made up my mind, when a lady appeared at the check-out with MY yarn cradled in her arms!

For it was that exact moment that I knew that I wanted that yarn. I had finally made up my mind, but all hope was gone. Someone else had made up her mind first.

As we walked out of the shop, I bemoaned the fate of the yarn, and my Aunt good-naturedly comforted me.

There will be other yarn.


  1. Hello! Thank you for replying!! I added you to my bloglines and shall look forward to when you do post! :D

    Your blog template is lovely! I love the background! And I've had the same dilemmas when buying things - only mine is usually around books! :D

    To the KING be all the glory!


    "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15

  2. Eyebright, you're such a talented writer...but I'm sure you've heard that from many :-)! Keep it up as I can't help but wonder if that wonderful writing talent is in the Lord's plan for you.
    Thanks for stopping by my new blog and commenting.
    And oh yes, loved this post...similar thing happened to me at a yard sale. I was gazing at a wonderful old tintype picture and just about to reach for it when someone said, "Oh, look at this!" I turned to look because that's what we do isn't it and when I turned back a woman was picking up the old tintype. It took all I had not to say anything (sigh). But, it's okay...there will be other tintypes :-).
    Blessings! Julie
    And btw, I'm adding you to my bloglist so I can click over more easily.


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