12 Things to Do When There's No Power

Although power outages usually don't last long, you can find yourself with the enviable position of needing something to do!  Does't that sound a little sad, though?  I mean, the pioneers didn't even HAVE power, and yet their days were full.  Anyway, try a few of these awesome pastimes.
  1. Read a book by flashlight.
  2. Knit something with a straightforward and simple pattern.
  3. Write letters to all of your friends.
  4. Organize your photographs.
  5. Look through your photographs.
  6. Begin writing a novel in a unused notebook.
  7. Play chess with family members.
  8. Sew something by hand.
  9. Make popcorn over a fire.
  10. Instead of simply talking, sing what you want to say!
  11. Finish a project that has been sitting around forever.
  12. Enjoy every minute of a electricity free life!

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  1. Those sounds fun! :-D We're supposed to get sleet today [yick!] so now I want the power to go out so I can try some of those things. ;-)

    Love you,


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